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What Do April Fools’ Day and Autism Awareness Month Have in Common? – Stars on the Spectrum

“Kids with autism tend to be very literal and jokes and pranks require a level of language sophistication that is not natural for them…. April Fools’ Day can be confusing and upsetting to many children on the spectrum.” – Deborah Griffith of “Stars on the Spectrum”

I love this little write-up on April Fool’s Day and autism. It explains both why people with autism are pre-disposed to hating the holiday, and how to better prepare autistic kids for the day.

I hated April Fool’s Day as a kid, and I still gets lots of anxiety about the day. I didn’t “get” a lot of people’s “jokes” – to me, it always felt like people were lying, then swearing up and down that they weren’t lying, and then laughing at me when I finally caved and pretended to believe them just so the conversation would end and I could leave. Or I would believe them right away and feel even stupider about the whole situation.

So yeah, be gentle with your autistic friends today! It’s also Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month!

via What Do April Fools’ Day and Autism Awareness Month Have in Common? – Stars on the Spectrum


Published by Adriana Lebrón White

Autistic school librarian and former special education teacher. MA Ed in Special Education and MLIS with a focus on Youth Services and Storytelling.

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