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Me, wearing sunglasses in the car.
Me, sitting in a car.

My name is Adriana White, and I am an autistic librarian and former special education teacher. I have a Master’s degree in Education and a Master’s in Library and Information Science. I am particularly focused on creating accessible libraries for students with disabilities (especially autism), and I am also very interested in promoting young adult literature that features autistic characters (particularly books written by autistic authors).

I live in San Antonio, Texas, with my husband, Kyle, and our two dogs. In no particular order, I love books, movies, video games, comic books, cartoons, dinosaurs, technology, Fleetwood Mac, superheroes, and much, much more.

I also love to write.

On this site, I write about autism, books, libraries, education, popular culture, and technology. I also write about related topics like anxiety, women on the autism spectrum, the art of writing, mental health, disabilities, and more.

Sometimes these subjects intersect in expected ways. For example, I might write about the ways in which a particular cartoon character displays elements of autistic behavior. Other times, these subjects can intersect in more unexpected ways. For instance, would using Google Glass to feed us real-time data about social interactions qualify an autistic person as a cyborg? (If so, can I get a system like the one in the “Detroit: Become Human” video game?)

If you’d like to send me a message, please use the “Contact Me” link below. Thanks!

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