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Autism in Education

I wanted to compile some resources on autism in education, with a focus on neurodiversity and advice from autistics. The following is a work in progress, and suggestions are encouraged!

You can also check out my Autism in Education Google Site, a companion site to my presentation, Celebrating Neurodiversity: Insights from an Autistic Educator and Self-Advocate.

Resources for Educators

Articles for Educators

Articles by Judy Endow, autistic social worker

Articles by Michelle Swan, autistic writer and advocate

Articles by Jodi Murphy, creator of Geek Club Books / Zoom Autism Magazine

Articles by Meghan Ashburn, of Not an Autism Mom

Additional Articles

Relevant Twitter Threads

“We didn’t take the neurology of behavior into account. @5pointscaler talks about forgiving herself for strategies used in the 80s.

Humbling to look back and realize how much we didn’t know. We’re still learning a lot about the brain.

Teachers need to develop their own empathy.”


Have a suggestion?

More links and resources to come!

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