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Interested in booking me for a talk?

I am available to speak both in-person and virtually. I am currently based in San Antonio, Texas, and I am also willing to travel. I have experience speaking on topics such as autism, neurodiversity, mental health, social-emotional learning (SEL), special education, inclusion, diversity, writing, and more.

Example Presentation Topics
  • A Place to Belong: Supporting Neurodiversity and Mental Health in Your Library
  • We Need (Neuro)Diverse Books: Building Empathy for Children’s Mental Health and Neurodiversity
  • Autism and Neurodiversity: Different Does Not Mean Broken
  • Social-Emotional Learning and the Power of Stories
  • Celebrating Neurodiversity: Insights from an Autistic Educator and Self-Advocate
  • Creative Writing in Special Education Settings

Interested in Learning More?

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