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Interested in booking me for a talk?

I am available to speak both in-person and virtually. I am currently based in San Antonio, Texas, and I am also willing to travel.

I have experience speaking on several topics, including: autism, neurodiversity, mental health, social-emotional learning (SEL), special education, inclusion, diversity, accessibility, writing, and more.

On this page, you can find testimonials from attendees of my past sessions, as well as some examples of presentation topics.

Past Presentation Topics

  • Autism & Neurodiversity in Libraries: Insights from an Autistic Librarian [public library course]
  • Lived Experiences in Literature and the Importance of Authentic Disabled Perspectives [featured talk at public library event]
  • A Place to Belong: Supporting Neurodiversity and Mental Health in Your Library [eCourse]
  • We Need (Neuro)Diverse Books: Building Empathy for Children’s Mental Health and Neurodiversity [conference session]
  • Autism and Neurodiversity: Different Does Not Mean Broken [TEDx Talk]
  • Social-Emotional Learning and the Power of Stories [conference session]
  • Celebrating Neurodiversity: Insights from an Autistic Educator and Self-Advocate [conference session]
  • Writing Tips for Autistic Writers [adult writing group visit]


“Only 15 minutes in and already this is the best session I attended so far.”

– anonymous TCEA attendee

“Thank you so much for sharing so many resources that address such important and growing issues!” – anonymous TCEA attendee

“I learned a lot of great information that I am able to share with both my fellow library workers as well as the public. I can easily see me implementing the suggestions that were provided throughout the course to make our library a more welcoming environment.” – anonymous YALSA eCourse attendee

“I feel I have an enormously improved understanding of neurodiversity, as well as the many aspects of autism and all the ways in which library staff can create a more inclusive environment for these patrons.” – anonymous YALSA eCourse attendee

“The anecdotal experiences shared are what sticks with me the most, I really appreciate hearing from Adriana White in the lectures on her background and what it’s like and the impact on people close to her.” – anonymous YALSA eCourse attendee

“I appreciate being able to learn about autism from an autistic person as that is an essential point of view.”

– anonymous YALSA eCourse attendee

“Loved Adriana’s session about how to support our neurodiverse students and make them feel included and seen in our communities.” – Latoya

“You are such a wealth of experience and information that we desperately need in our programming. Thank you for bringing awareness!” – Cecylia

“Empowering session! Walking away with more tools in my library bag.” – Blanca

“Thank you so much for sharing your story and your experience, knowledge, and wisdom.”

– Julie

“Thank you for sharing your story and resources. It was very inspirational.” – Janet

“Thank you for modeling the importance of telling your story.” – Susie

“Great insight and really reinforces a lot of what we are doing in my district.” – Jodie

“I can’t stop thinking about this presentation.”

– Brooke

“Good session! Great strategies.” – Anu

“Insightful. Great resources!” – Glenna

“Loved this session!” – Anita

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