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International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

It’s been four weeks since we found out about the death of my friend Scott Bradford. And as I struggled with my grief over these past few weeks, I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to share Scott’s story with over 100 Texas librarians. A week before we learned about Scott’s passing, I was invited toContinue reading “International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day”

To the ‘Weird’ Girls Who Don’t Quite Fit In

I’ve been thinking a lot this month — about my past, my present, and specifically about my late diagnosis of autism at the age of 34. Looking back, I realized I first started considering the possibility that I could be on the autism spectrum after reading the stories of other women and girls with autism.Continue reading “To the ‘Weird’ Girls Who Don’t Quite Fit In”

I Expected My Autism Diagnosis, but Not My Anxiety Disorder

Did you know you can have anxiety so severe it impairs your ability to concentrate and complete work? Here are some examples of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) at work: Procrastinating because you’re afraid you’ll do it wrong and screw up and everyone will hate you? Anxiety. Starting something and then getting distracted by some insignificant thing that doesn’t matterContinue reading “I Expected My Autism Diagnosis, but Not My Anxiety Disorder”

What I Want People to Know This Autistic History Month

November is Autistic History Month — an event that is tailored to celebrate autistic history, culture and community, by sharing personal histories, art and creative writing about autism. Being recently diagnosed with autism myself, I thought I’d kick off the month by sharing a short history of autism, giving a quick rundown of what autismContinue reading “What I Want People to Know This Autistic History Month”

The Surprising Childhood Event That Made Me Suspect I’m on the Autism Spectrum

I have been teaching special education for about four years now. When I first began my job, I was told that most of the students I would have in my class were on the autism spectrum. Eager to prepare myself for the challenge of teaching these kids, I became fixated on researching and reading allContinue reading “The Surprising Childhood Event That Made Me Suspect I’m on the Autism Spectrum”

What I Found Missing From ‘Atypical’ as an Autistic Viewer

Netflix recently premiered the first season of its new TV show “Atypical,” about a young man and his family dealing with his autism spectrum disorder. While the show is garnering favorable reviews from critics, it has been a very controversial topic in the autism community. To start, the show doesn’t seem to have any autisticContinue reading “What I Found Missing From ‘Atypical’ as an Autistic Viewer”