Choosing a College When You’re Neurodiverse | Psychology Today

One thing about college–the learning experience is what you make of it. You can learn just as much in a virtual reality lab at a local school as you can in a VR lab at MIT. The MIT degree will mean a lot more when you go looking for work, but it won’t mean anythingContinue reading “Choosing a College When You’re Neurodiverse | Psychology Today”


#TakeTheMaskOff – The Autistic Advocate. On the 23rd July 2018, an international campaign will be launched. A whole summer dedicated to Masking… but not as we know it. Myself [The Autistic Advocate], Hannah Quinton from from Do I look Autistic Yet?, Christa Holmans, who is the Neurodivergent Rebel and Sara-Jane Harvey, the Agony Autie areContinue reading “#TakeTheMaskOff”

Autistic Pride Day | Autistic Self Advocacy Network

So what emotion should Autistic Pride Day bring out in us? How should we celebrate? On days like this, my thoughts turn to the majority of autistic people throughout the world who are not yet able to celebrate autistic community. Some are suffering in special education classrooms and institutions that teach them to hate andContinue reading “Autistic Pride Day | Autistic Self Advocacy Network”

Connecting with Autistic Children

“I laughed when he laughed, sang when he sang, and made the same throat noises as him. I did the same when we were outside, not caring what the neighbours might think. Because in my experience, the key to connecting with autistic children is to communicate how they do.” – Chris Bonnello, author of AutisticContinue reading “Connecting with Autistic Children”

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