International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

It’s been four weeks since we found out about the death of my friend Scott Bradford. And as I struggled with my grief over these past few weeks, I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to share Scott’s story with over 100 Texas librarians. A week before we learned about Scott’s passing, I was invited toContinue reading “International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day”

#GirlsCanBeAutisticToo – Week 1

As one great autism event (#TaketheMaskOff) ends, another important one begins: #GirlsCanBeAutisticToo. Week 1 focused on Barriers to Diagnosis, and there are so many for girls and women! Societal expectations of girls are different, and autistic girls are better at masking and blending in socially. Our special interests are generally more accepted, and our sensoryContinue reading “#GirlsCanBeAutisticToo – Week 1”

#TaketheMaskOff – Week 7

The Finale 3-10 Sep – #TaketheMaskOff How people have been affected by the weeks. Over the past 7 weeks of the #TaketheMaskOff event, I have learned a lot about myself. Reading about the experiences of other people, all across the #autism spectrum, has been amazing and confirming. The ActuallyAutistic community makes me feel less alone.Continue reading “#TaketheMaskOff – Week 7”

#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 6

Week 6 27-2 Sep – Coping Strategies. What can help you not to Mask. Using it purposefully? As someone who was diagnosed with autism fairly recently (a professional told me I was autistic in October ’17; I took the diagnostic tests to be officially diagnosed in March ’18), I’ve been thinking about this topic aContinue reading “#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 6”

#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 5

Week 5 20-26 Aug – Diagnosis/self-awareness. How does that impact Masking? Most undiagnosed autistic people have no idea what masking means. Only after a diagnosis do they recognize that masking is what they have been doing all their life, intentionally or not. We feel so much pressure to fit in with others around us, even toContinue reading “#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 5”

#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 4

Week 4 13-19 Aug – What is burnout? How is it connected to Masking? Burnout is what happens to an autistic person after too much energy has been expended by masking. Over a long period of time, masking can lead to disastrous results. Having to mask all day, every day, is exhausting, and can beContinue reading “#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 4”

#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 3

Week 3 6-12 Aug – How does Masking affect Mental Health? Having to mask too much, too often, can lead to so much unnecessary anxiety. Your brain is constantly monitoring, constantly analyzing, constantly trying to translate rules of social communication that you may not completely understand. It can be overwhelming. Long term, it can haveContinue reading “#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 3”

Twitter Thread #080118

Early interventions can make such a huge difference for #autistic kids. Being able to grow up in a family with that understanding, of what autism is and how it affects us, is something I think a lot of adult-diagnosed autistic folks wish they had. And I like how you mention the importance of seeking outContinue reading “Twitter Thread #080118”

#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 2

Week 2 30-5 Aug – What is Stimming? How is it related to Masking? Stimming is how autistic people release their pent-up energy, or relieve tension. When I get nervous, I flap my hands. When it’s too loud and I get overwhelmed, I flap. When I cry so hard I can barely breathe, I flapContinue reading “#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 2”

#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 1

Week 1 23-29 July – What is masking? What it’s like to wear the mask. Masking is trying to be less visibly autistic, trying to match our behavior to others around us, or trying to perform as society expects us to. Masking requires constant monitoring, lots of cognitive processing power, and often results in theContinue reading “#TakeTheMaskOff – Week 1”

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