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Identity-First Language

Since it is a common question that comes up during my presentations, I wanted to put together a list of resources about identity-first language and using euphemisms to talk about disability. Start Here Autistic People Speak About Person-First Language – BuzzFeed News On Identity-First Language To everyone who tells me not to say “autistic person”Continue reading “Identity-First Language”

A Site Refresh, and More Info on Autistic Authors

The site has a new look, with a new theme that will hopefully be more accessibility-friendly. It’s still a work-in-progress, so forgive any missing alt-text, wonky headers, etc. I’m still learning the ins and outs of accessible web design! I’ve also added more links to resources about autistic books and authors, and I’ve updated myContinue reading “A Site Refresh, and More Info on Autistic Authors”

Choosing a College When You’re Neurodiverse | Psychology Today

One thing about college–the learning experience is what you make of it. You can learn just as much in a virtual reality lab at a local school as you can in a VR lab at MIT. The MIT degree will mean a lot more when you go looking for work, but it won’t mean anythingContinue reading “Choosing a College When You’re Neurodiverse | Psychology Today”

Twitter Thread #080118

Early interventions can make such a huge difference for #autistic kids. Being able to grow up in a family with that understanding, of what autism is and how it affects us, is something I think a lot of adult-diagnosed autistic folks wish they had. And I like how you mention the importance of seeking outContinue reading “Twitter Thread #080118”

Connecting with Autistic Children

“I laughed when he laughed, sang when he sang, and made the same throat noises as him. I did the same when we were outside, not caring what the neighbours might think. Because in my experience, the key to connecting with autistic children is to communicate how they do.” – Chris Bonnello, author of AutisticContinue reading “Connecting with Autistic Children”